Cable Squat:10 Best Ways to Improve Your Cable Squat

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10 Best Ways to Improve Your Cable Squat:

Cable Squat are too much ways and strategies to improve your Cable Squat. Many of us who train in linear format experience a plateau when we stop changing things up to provide a new stimulus for the body.

There are many variables on which you can work for the Cable Squat. Here are 10 ways which are effective.

Cable Squat

1. Improve your technique

 Work on accessing the most powerful part of your body like the posterior chain (glutes, hamstring and spinal erectors), by sitting back as far as possible and by keeping your weight on your heels.

Make sure your knees are away from each other to get better depth and torque through the hips.

2. Increase your flexibility

 Perform squatting below the parallel with various stances and bar position. For instance, try a high bar Squat with a more narrow stance.

This is very useful in Olympic lifting position. Then try a wider stance with a low bar position. This is more of hip – and back – intensive Squat.

You will learn that differentiating positions recruit different muscle groups and requires flexibility.

3. Fortify your back

 The spinal column is your transmission for applying force in a Squat. The erectors of the lumbar spine are one of the most important muscle groups for maintaining a safe and strong core.

Back muscles should be strengthen by deadlifts, hip extension and good mornings. Work on the upper back with bent – over rows and pull – ups.

4. Train your belly

The abdominals are the critical for creating pressure around the spine for support.

So abs must be trained by sit – ups, Turkish get – ups, yoke walks and overhead Cable Squat 

5. Lift Heavy

Try to perform reps at 90 percent of your one – rep max or higher for three to five sets of one to two reps once per week.

6. Lift Fast

Try speed days, when you lower the weight to 50 to 70 percent of your one rep max and move for as much as speed possible.10 Best Ways to Improve Your Cable Squat

You can perform this for 8 – 10 sets of two to three reps once in a week.

7. Use dynamic resistance

  Change the resistance at the top and bottom of the squat by hooking up bands or chains or both to the barbell.

Work at ,50 – 60 percent of your one – rep max, and use this as a speed  day.

8. Increase your athleticism

  Be the athletic and explosive through the use of the Olympic lifts and polymetric.

It will help you to develop and maintain your coordination, agility,balance, power and flexibility along with your strength.

9. Be explosive out of the bottom

To develop power out of the bottom of the Squat use box squats. Change height and rep schemes.

10. Improve your recovery

 Use of stretching, foam rolling, massage, and chiropractic work must be done. Get 8 – 10 hours of sleep per night.


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