13 Best Cable Squats Machine Exercises (2021)

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Lower – Body – Cable Squats -Machine- Exercises 2020

Lower body exercises are squats, lunges, deadlifts and step- ups, which seems a challenge when you add the pull of cable Squats.The horizontal force provided by cable helps you to pull your body from its centre of gravity, in which your core muscles works, stabilize, and strengthen to prevent you from failing over.

      Remember that, with all of these exercises you should start by pulling the cable out, which applies tension. You should stand far away so that the weight stack does not “bottom out” at the end of exercises. Avoid letting the weight stack smash into itself.

1.Cable – Front Squat

1.Start the exercise by facing the cable machine with the pulley on the lowest setting.

2.Hold the rope attachment with your thumbs towards the ceiling — the goblet grip position. Pull up the rope so that it should be below your chin with your elbows bent.

3.Don’t allow the rope to drop as you descend into a squat by sitting your hips back and keeping your knees out and feet shoulder – width apart. Don’t let your back round while you push through your heels to return to standing.

2.Cable Forward Lunge

 1.Begin the exercise by facing towards cable squats machine with the pulley on the lowest setting in the goblet grip position.

2.Place your feet hip – width apart and your core tight, take a step towards the cable, keeping your knees and hips level and ankles in line as you descend into a lunge. Keep your knees from diving out in front of your toes.

3.Push the ground apart and return to the starting position. Repeat this with another leg by keeping your core tight.

  Remember this: During this exercise cable will try to pull you forward but use your core strength to keep your back from rounding.

3.Cable Reverse Lunge

1.With the cable pulley on the lowest setting, hold the rope attachment so that pinky sides of your hands will be in contact with the knobs of the rope.

2.Gradually turn apart from the cable machine while bringing the rope into the “suspender position,” above your shoulders as it were a set of suspenders. With your feet hip – width apart move back as you carefully descend into a reverse lunge.

3.Place your front leg heel into the ground and come back to the starting point. Repeat this exercise with your other leg.

        Remember this; Start from a solid athletic position  because during this exercise cable will try to pull you back and down.

4.Cable Lateral Lunge

1.Start the exercise by facing sideways to the cable squats with the pulley at the lowest setting.

  1. With a D – handle attachment, place your hand up to shoulder to the racked position. Move away from the cable and with the feet hip – width apart, brace your core to stand straight and tall. Then move toward the cable into a lateral lunge
  2. Push yourself back into the starting position and repeat the exercise. Turn around and do the same process facing towards another direction.

         Remember this; Don’t allow the cable to pull your upper body out of line with your knee as you sit your hips back and descend into the lunge.

5.Cable Step – Up

1.Take a box and keep it few step in front of cable squats machine. Start facing away from the cable with the pulley at the lowest setting and the rope attachment in the suspender position.

2.Place your one foot on the box. The angle between the knee should 90 degrees. Keep your hips level, core tight and the foot, knee and hip of your standing leg in line. Place your heel on the box as you are stepping up, bringing the other foot on the box. Step back down with the same leg and repeat again before changing leg.

6.Split – Stance Single – Arm Cable Chest Press

1.With the help of D – handle attachment, hold the handle in your right hand and step away from the cable squats. Face away from the cable with the pulley at lower chest height. Then move one step back with your right leg to assume a static lunge position (split stance).

2.There should be 90 degrees angle between your arm and side and should be tension on the cable squats. Strengthen your core and keep your hips level as your press the cable away from the body by don’t  allowing your body to rotate. Complete all your reps one side before switching the arms.

Remember this; If the weight is not heavy then the cable will snap at the end of the press and won’t feel smooth. Increase the weight to although you feel it smooth.

7.Split – Stance – Single – Arm Shoulder Press

1.As like chest press, start the exercise by facing away from the cable squats in a split stance. By keeping your core tight and hips forward, press the cable overhead so your arm finishes just in front of your ear.

  1. Don’t let your arm to go behind your head, which put the shoulder at risk for injury, or let the cable cause you to overarch to your back. Keep your core tight while doing exercise. Lower back down to the start with control.
    Remember this; In both the pressing  you can increase the difficulty by performing in athletic position. 

8.Single Arm Cable Row

 1.Place the cable pulley at the height of your chest level, face the machine and hold the D – handle with one hand. Move backward from the cable and suppose that you are in the athletic position. Row the cable back, don’t allow your core to move or hips to rotate.

2.Concentrate on bringing the shoulder blade straight across your upper back towards your spine, followed by your arm. At the end of your row, don’t let your elbow finish behind the body or your shoulder tip forward. Repeat on the same side before switching the arms.

9.Half – Kneeling Single – Arm Cable Pulldown

1.Hold the cable pulley at the highest setting with the D – handle attachment. Looking towards the cable hold the handle in your right hand. Move back with your right leg and place your right knee on the ground. Place your left knee up so that there will be angle of 90 degrees.

2.Make sure that your knees and ankles are in a line. At this time, your arm should be overhead with tension on the cable. Keep your abs tight and pull the handle down so your hand finishes at shoulder height with the elbow at the side of the body. Don’t allow your elbows to finish behind your body or your shoulder tip forward at the end. Repeat this and switch the sides.

10.Biceps Curls

 1.Start the exercise with the cable squats pulley which will be at the lowest setting. With the rope attachment, hold the rope in your hand, pointing the thumbs tip up.

2.Keep the elbows close to your sides and curl the handle up. Lower back down to the start.

11.Triceps Pushdowns

1.Place the cable at the highest setting with the rope attachment. Hold the rope in both hands. Keep the elbows close to your sides. Press the cable down, squeezing your triceps at the bottom. Release back up to the top with control Core Cable Machine Exercises.cable squats

2.During every exercise core is trained due to nature of the cable machine. Here are some exercises which are specifically designed to challenge core stability, strength and stamina. The key is not allow to your body to move while the cable squats tries to make your core rotate, bend or round.

12.Anti – Rotation Press

1.Cable pulley at your lower chest, start the sideways to the cable squats machine. Hold the D – handle attachment in your both hands and pull the handle to the centre of your chest.

2.From an athlete position with your feet just outside hip – width, press the cable squats straight out from the chest. Grasp the handle out for two seconds before bringing it back to starting position. Repeat before turning around and completing the exercise facing the other direction.cable squats

Remember this; The pull from the cable will place the rotational force on a body, but our aim is not to allow hands to be pulled toward the cable. You have to feel steady while press. To increase intensity, bring your feet closer together.

13.Side Plank Cable Row

1.Place the cable pulley to the lowest setting with the D – handle attachment. From a side plank position, face the cable so the pulley is level with your lower chest. Hold the handle with your top hand.cable squats

2.Now, row the cable handle toward your body. Repeat on one side, before switching to the other side.cable squats

Remember this; This move is challenging so begin the exercise with a lighted weight and complete all your rounds without allowing your body to rotate or your hips to sag. During the row, your body will want to rotate toward the cable, but don’t allow this to happen. Your core should be tight. You should prevent your body from moving as you row the cable  squat




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