4 Best And Worst Cable Squat Machine Exercises in (2020)

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The cable squat machine is one of the popular equipment in gym. The cable machine is popular because it gives you flexibility and freedom, means you can use it for an almost endless array of exercises.

Charts and diagrams enrich the wall of gym showcasing the uncountable exercises which can be performed with cable squat machine. The most effective and efficient cable exercises are those that can be done only on cable machine.

The worst cable exercises are ones that have unnecessarily shoehorned the use of cable into a movement where it doesn’t make any sense. So here are some best and Worst Cable squat machine Exercises.

Best Cable Squat Machine Exercises

1.Standing Cable Chest Press

                             You can use the Standing Cable Chest Press to add the traditional Bench Press. The Standing Cable Chest Press may encourage your sport as you are far more likely to be pushing from a standing stance than disposed position during game.

How to do:
                    Adjust the cable level to your shoulder height and hold the handles in front of you. Set your feet in a staggered position and switch the stance halfway through each set.

Extend your arms unless they are straight. Bend your elbows and pull the handle back to your chest. Keep your core tight while doing the exercise.

2.Standing Cable Pull – Throughs

It is an awesome exercise which can be done in place of traditional Deadlift. Deadlift requires more space also a barbell and padded surface.

Standing Cable Pull – Throughs requires nothing instead of a cable machine and they are great to strengthen your posterior chain without any stretch on your lower back.

How to do:

                    Beginning is done with your back to a cable squat machine and your feet hip – width away. Hold the rope attachment in front of your hips so that rope travels between your legs. Bend at the waist and push your hips back until your body reaches 45 degree angle. Stretch your hips explosively to pull the cable and back to the starting position.

3.Cable Low – to – High Chop

The Cable Low – to – High Chop is frightening exercises to perform on a cable machine because the movement is difficult to copy with free weights.

The exercise encourage rotational core strength which is important to many sport specific movements; for eg: hockey , baseball, golf and tennis.

How to do:
                     Place the cable with handle attachment  at its lower position. Suppose that a quarter – squat stance with the cable is next to your foot. Hold the handles with both hands. Keep your chest up and back flat.

Rotate your hips and burst up, pulling the cable digonally up and against your body. Hold your arms straight throughout the movement. Lower the cable squat machine in a controlled manner to return the original position.

4.Incline – Decline Cable Press

In this exercise you have to stand up and is performed by one hand i.e Standing Incline Press and simultaneously perform Standing Decline Press with other hand. In this case; two exercises are unnecessarily combined and the quality of movement suffers as a result cable squat machine.

Do this instead:
                            Either perform an Incline Bench Press or a Decline Bench Press. No need combine both the Presses. If you like to perform Single- Arm – Presses then do it.

Worst cable machine exercises

1.Cable squats

  Using a cable squat machine to do squats is useless and inefficient access to great exercises. Squats are useful because of one reason as they challenge your body to stabilize a load in space.

Cable squats produce stability and are not easy to perform with proper form. They do not allow your body to move as naturally as it would when performing a barbell Squat, and they don’t load your lower – body as effectively cable squat machine.

2.Cable Side Bends

Cable Side Bends are a crummy exercises, indifferent of equipment. They are not functional, they are ineffective and they acquire lateral spinal flexion, which puts your back into a delicate position. cable squat machineSide Bends make a bad exercise worse, as they further restrict the already amount of movement the exercise calls for.

Do this instead:
                            If you want to pitch your obliques and to build a strong core, you must try Dumbbell Suitcase Carries.

3.Standing Cable Hamstring Curls or Leg Extension

                     These are simple which don’t take your more time. Isolation exercises do little to built up your stabilizer muscles and it brings improvement in your appearance more than your athletic performance. Also there are other ways to work these muscle groups.

Do this instead:
                             Stick with major movements like Squats and Deadlifts to build up your lower half and become a more explosive athlete.

4.Incline – Decline Cable Press

  In this exercise you have to stand up and is performed by one hand i.e Standing Incline Press and simultaneously perform Standing Decline Press with another hand. In this case ; two exercises are unnecessarily combined and the quality of a movement suffers as a result.

Do this instead:
                           Either perform an Incline Bench Press or Decline Bench Press. No need to combine both the presses. If you like to perform Single- Arm Press then perform it.http://shorturl.at/ghsvz


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