Best Clamshell Exercise 2021

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Clamshell Exercise:

clamshell exercise, and I’m here to demonstrate an exercise we call the “super clam,” whichis a great progression from the side plank that will really start to challenge thoselateral hip stabilizers such as the glute med, glute max and many others thatsurround the hip.

clamshell exercise

So, you wanna start with a nice and lightresistance band, there should be plenty. Throw it around the knees and start inyour side plank position.

Now, this might be enough for you. Hangout here, keep your core engaged, and if this is challenging your hip andyour core plenty, just breathe deeply for maybe 10 deep breaths and that’d be yourfull set.

But if you need a little bit more challenge, hold the position,separate the knees and hold this for about 10 full breaths, really focusing ondriving the bottom leg knee into the floor which clamshell exercise will engage these lateral hipstabilizers, as well as taking the opposite knee and driving it up towardsthe sky.

Best Clamshell Exercise:

  • Hold that for 10 deep breaths. Don’t forget about the hip extension here,it’s really easy to fade back, so keep that hip extension. And if you need even more challenge fromhere, you wanna start working these super clams, drive your knee up and down, butmaking sure not to compromise the position.
  • Don’t sit back or anything likethat. So, up and out, up and out. And the third variation, orit’s fourth in this case, is gonna be here, driving up all the wayout through that position, taking it through a much larger range ofmotion. So, give these a shot, 10 reps there should be plenty.
  • Have fun and be kinetic. – Hey, guys. I hope you enjoyed thevideo you just watched.
  • Make sure to subscribe to our YouTubechannel, leave a thumbs up, leave a comment below, stay awesomeand be kinetic. This exercise is called the clamshell. Itsone of the most common ones that we prescribe, just because its an area that doesn’t geta lot of work these days so if you are sitting at a desk all day, this is a good one to getthese muscles to get these muscles to Que up. We are going to start on your side.clamshell exercise
  • wewant your knees usually about 45 degrees and then we are just going to roll forward justlike you are trying to roll on your stomach, and we want to stay nice and still, we wantto start with a core contraction, make sure that your core is nice and tight, then weare going to squeeze your bum on this side, keep your feet together, and then lift yourknee up, and then control it on the way down.
clamshell exercise

Typically we will start with 2 or 3 sets of5 to 10 of these, but its more important to do good quality, versus bang out a whole bunchof not as good of ones.

Its really important to do fluid motions both up and on the waydown, cause this is a postural controlling muscle so its important for it to be ableto control the motion Hey team, welcome back to Kinetic U. Todaywe’re going to go over the clamshell exercise.

This is really importantfor glute activation. So you’re going to set up side-laying,hips stacked, shoulders stacked. You want to bend those knees just forward of thehip a little bit with the feet stacked up with the rest of the body clamshell exercise.

You want tokeep the hips stacked, and make a little lift and lower of the top knee,just like that. So make sure, as you’re lifting that kneeup, that hip doesn’t move back with it, so that’s why I’m putting my hand on thehip, just so I can feel that sensation, making sure that hip is staying where itis clamshell exercise.

Have the rest of the upper body just kind of relaxed. Just going nice and slow,trying to get at that whole glute muscle right in the back of the hip. Have fun with that, and be kinetic.


Begin by lying on your sidemaking sure you have a 45 degree angle at the hips and a 45degree angle at the knees. Take measure not to bend the hipstoo far up or the knees too far back.

With the theraband aroundjust above the knees, keep the feet together and raise yourtop knee while resisting the theraband. You may keep yourhands on your hips or at your side, whatever is mostcomfortable for you. Complete three sets of 10repetitions on each side.



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