Cable Squat vs. Barbell Squats: Which One Is Better,Best?(2021)

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Cable Squats vs.Barbell Squats:Which One Is Better?

Cable Squats. These are a very well known, beneficial compound exercise. Targeting the quads, glutes, and hamstring complex, this is a great exercise for building lower body strength while improving core strength, too. However, squats are sometimes avoided for having the reputation of “destroying” your knees.

How To Do A Cable Squat Begin the cable squat by standing in front of the cable machine, with your feet about shoulder-width apart, feet facing forward. The cable (and attachment) should be low at your feet. Engage your core and keep your shoulders retracted to prevent slouching.

The Cable Squat:

Initially, the anchor point should be your heel, with the cable machine suspended directly above your mid foot. Place the cable handle directly under the ball of your foot. Squat down, slightly bending the knees at the waist. Lower your hips back toward the floor, while returning to a straight position. Keeping your glutes and quads engaged throughout the squat, ensure your lower back stays in an arch. Engage your core to push off the floor.

To start the next rep, bend at your knees and drive through the heels to return to standing. The Barbell Squat Aim to have your feet hip-width apart, toes pointed outward, the cable machine extending straight down into the floor between your feet. Keep your hands at your sides.

When performed properly, this exercise can actually improve the stability in your knees and strengthens the connective tissue within the knee. If mobility and strength levels make it difficult for you to perform squats with proper form, then you can incorporate cable squats into your fitness regime.  Cable squats are great to use for wanting to increase your strength while improving your form before taking it to the squat rack.The Barbell Squat
The Barbell Squat


The Barbell Squat:

Follow the same rules as the cable squat, with one notable exception. Stand on top of the bar with feet shoulder-width apart, feet facing forward, and grab the bar. While sitting back into your torso, slowly bend your knees, creating a 90-degree angle. This is your starting position. Hold on to the bar with a slow “pump” while you stand up to get your hips into the right position.

Rotating your hips forward, push your knees outward to return to the starting position. The proper technique with the barbell squat is to use the momentum you gain during the stretch position to hold you in the negative position while you push your knees outward. The Squat Variations Dumbbell Squats Squats performed with dumbbells are no different than performing the regular squat.

Which is the Better Squat?

There are times when barbell squats are much easier than cable squats. However, if you are a powerlifter, gaining mass, or someone who has injured knees, the cable squat will be better suited for you. If your knees bother you too much, consider switching to the barbell squat. Can You Squat With An Alignment Device? It’s better to not use an alignment device for this exercise. This prevents your body from aligning properly and allows for more stabilization.

You should squat with a neutral spine and not any sort of torso twisting. 2. Dumbbell Lunge: The Perfect Squat The Dumbbell Lunge is a staple exercise for many Crossfit athletes. Although the difference between a lunge and a squat may seem insignificant, the lunge is probably the best version of a squat.


k that the cable squat is the superior alternative to the barbell squat for the purposes of core stability. It’s also a great way to use the side or front knee extensors while squatting. In general, I prefer using the cable squat for variety or if I want to use the cable in a different way.

Why Not Use The Barbell? I’m sure I’ve missed some ways to improve your squat. If I have, please comment below! Good luck with your squat. Reference Zdechlik, C. (2011). Pushing the limits: making the strict simple.


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