Isotonic Exercise Definition (2021)

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 Isotonic Exercise Definition :

Isotonic Exercise Definition Exercise when a contracting muscle abbreviates against a steady burden, as while lifting a weight. Isotonic exercise is one technique for strong exercise. Conversely, isometric exercise is when strong constrictions happen without development of the elaborate pieces of the body.

Isotonic comes from the Greek “iso-“, equivalent + “tonos”, tone = keeping up with equivalent (muscle) tone. The muscle keeps up with equivalent tone while shortening in isotonic exercise.cable squat

sotonic exercise is movement that requires muscles to resist weight over a range of motion, causing a change to the length of the muscle. We usually think of muscles shortening in isotonic exercise, as when you lift a dumbbell for a bicep curl or rise into a sit-up. This is called concentric muscle contraction Isotonic Exercise Definition .


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